Letter From Director

trade schools“There must be an easier way – if only AIMS had existed when I was first building my career in music!” How often I have heard this from successful professional musicians, avocational musicians, teachers, myself!

There are QUESTIONS you must ask and answer if you are searching for the bridge between wonderful training and a career in MUSIC, the greatest of all art forms. First, are you sure you want to cross this bridge? Then: do you have a realistic view of your potentials; what dedication is necessary; can you meet the physical requirements; do you understand the business of music?

After you answer these, ask your own!

AIMS produced its first program in 1969 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. In 1971, AIMS moved to Graz, Austria, where fine facilities were available and the environment was right for an intensive training program in the study of vocal music as it relates to the singer, the pianist and the instrumentalist. Dedicated to the stated goals of AIMS, “to serve the art of music”, AIMS IN GRAZ – led by an international faculty and staff of over eighty distinguished artists, teachers and working professionals – is now the leader in its field. Graz, over 850 years old, is the capital of the Austrian province of Steiermark (Styria). Its beautifully restored Altstadt (Old City), the largest in Europe, is an architectural treasure. Steiermark has a beautiful and varied landscape ranging from great mountains for skiing to green hillsides and valleys for food and wine production. Come explore them all!

The long and rich cultural tradition of Graz and Steiermark dates back to the 14th century when Graz was the residence of the Austrian Emperor. That tradition continues today through the Opernhaus (Opera House), Schauspielhaus (Drama Theatre), the excellent concert halls, an exciting and creative concert calendar, the Graz Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst and the unique music education system of Styria with 35 state-supported music schools.

AIMS has become an important part of this tradition which provides a supportive atmosphere for study and for the concerts that showcase AIMS artists before a discriminating German-speaking public.

Become a member of the AIMS family. Join us at AIMS IN GRAZ to learn, to perform, and to grow as a musician and as a citizen of the world. This unique program in this extraordinary setting is an experience that will change your life

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